Smokeless* Gasification Rocket Stoves

Emergency Heating

Easy Cooking with Wood

Enviro Friendly

Smokeless cooking. Gasification burning gives you more heat and less smoke. Cook an entire meal for your family with nothing but sticks you pick up off the ground.

Ease of Use

Easy to light…. Easy to control…. Easy to carry…. Easy to store.


Built in USA, from heavy steel, stainless, and other heavy duty materials to give you years and years of service.

*What makes Bullet Proof Stoves Different. We use science to make our stoves burn hotter, cleaner, and give you a wood stove as-easy-as cooking on gas.

What is Gasification? When burning wood, you are actually only burning the gases from within the heated wood. We burn the wood like other stoves first, then we inject super heated air directly into the fuel stream and burn most of the smoke and gases that didn’t burn the first time. All of our stoves use this technology and requires the stove to be at operating temperature.

“Friends are like coals in a fire – together, they glow; apart, they grow cold.” ~ C. S. Lewis